Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Promise of Christ, a Giver of Life

His promise is the pillar of our faith - everlasting life. His birthday announces His arrival. His death and resurrection reveals His triumph over death. Both days of our calendar year renew our belief in His promise.

We all have two parents, four grandparents, eight great grandparents and so on, to the beginning. We are descended from them and they are the ones who have given us physical life. Doesn't that mean that they live in and through us? And perhaps that also means there really is no such thing as what we call death?

If we could begin to see our life and our physical being as multi-generational, our lives would begin to change dramatically. In other words, if we would understand that life IS us, then each generation would make things better for future generations, believing that we, the living, are really going to be around to enjoy the fruits of our labor. And life will be better for all.

The sin of suicide stunts the ongoing development of both ones body and spirit, i.e., soul. We all must live our own life, that is our destiny. However, if we, the living, in all nations of earth, began to see that we are all of the same root, and if we all love ourselves as God wishes, then everlasting Peace would truly begin to emerge.

Thursday, December 10, 2009



JC Sullivan

One Christmas in the mid 1950s, when we were parishioners at Cleveland's St. Margaret of Hungary Church, my father sent a bottle of spiked eggnog over to the good Sisters there. The courier was my younger sister Mary Jo.

A few days later Dad noticed the returned (and empty) bottle in the kitchen sink. He asked Mary Jo if the Sisters had said anything to her. "Oh Yes, Dad", Mary Jo replied. "They said thank you very much......and could they have some more."