Thursday, January 28, 2010

On being Catholic

Being Catholic these days is a burden on the soul. Consider Sister Regina Fierman of Richfield, Ohio. In today's Plain Dealer she opines we should be spending money to help the needy instead of on "overeating and self-indulgence." She is thinking of the people of Haiti who have allegedly been driven to eat "mud cakes" because they have no food.

While I certainly have empathy for people anywhere in the world that are suffering, nonetheless, I also adhere to the belief that we Americans, indeed all of mankind, should have a Statue of Responsibility to balance a Statue of Liberty..

What I interpret that concept to mean is that people have a responsibility to one another. Haiti, as in many other geographic locations around the globe, is a mish-mash of people without a culture. Poverty and overpopulation has created a physical glue-together existence. The adults who have created the mess don't have any sense of responsibility to the rest of us, nor to their immediate neighbors. They live on the edge and it doesn't take much to push one over the cliff, just what the earthquake did to the capital of Haiti. And then, in their misery and suffering, they demand.

As fellow human beings we have a responsibility to help them where we can and with the resources we have. However, they are NOT Americans. We have no obligation to bring them here en masse to "re-settle them". I fear the Obama Administration will attempt to do just that, further burdening the current generation of Americans and future ones. Then the question beggars an answer, "Who pays?"

We have a responsibility to nourish our own and promote our own prosperity. Or has prosperity become a dirty word in America? 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Father John Sullivan, S.J.

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